The photographic exhibition at the Electric Works was a great success, over 150 students, parents, friends and guests attended the opening evening which was a lively event offering great conversation, food, drink and of course, for a limited time, the Helter Skelter. Many thanks to everyone that supported the event by coming along. The good news is that the exhibition was a great success all round and we are able to return the next year. This is a great opportunity for the Photographic course to continue to expand its links with the creative community in Rotherham and Sheffield and hopefully offer a springboard for students in the future.
With the printing and mounting for the upcoming exhibition almost done, it's all down the curation and within such a contemporary, lively place it's sure to be fun.
After a day of organising our very cluttered store room we have put some of our finds on display. A beautiful Polaroid Automatic, a pocket sized Olympus, a Minolta and various very old flash guns are some of the discoveries...the RVC Museum of Photography is officially open!
This Wednesday evening the college is opening to the public. Feel free to browse round the photography department, you can view the new space, the recently completed Stairwell Gallery, refurbished darkroom and a small selection of student work will be on display. All the lecturers will be available for an informal chat.

The event starts at 4:30 and runs to 7:00. Find more info here
Much later than expected but a necessary part of any refurbishment process I'm sure you'll agree. Wednesday evening is the official opening ceremony of the department. It will be a very streamlined version of what we had initially intended; at the very least there will be the traditional cutting of the ribbon (or forensic tape) to declare us open for business (learning), and maybe even a cup of tea, but don't bank on it.
It has been a busy year so far; we moved into a beautiful new space in September which has meant unpacking boxes, restocking cupboards and setting-up computers. We have installed a new loan system, received an impressive professional printer and set-up a Photo Gallery.

With such busy goings-on and much more just around the corner we thought it about time to establish a permanent space to publish our activities and so here it is.

Ok, so there is a lot more content to add, some tweaking and tugging to do, but such a big undertaking needs to be done in installments, as we’ve said, were busy!